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  • The Pipette Gazette, November 7 2019

"Joint Research Collaboration expedites launch of zebrafish embryos to space"

  • College of Aviation Dean's Impact Report, September 30, 2019\

"Boosting Experience: Project MESSI team launches algae payload into space" 

  • The Embry-Riddle Newsroom, Sep 28 2018

"Researchers Work to Integrate Spaceflights into the National Airspace"

  • The Embry-Riddle Newsroom, June 11 2018

"Eagles Selected to Construct New Space Tool"

  • The Embry-Riddle Newsroom, April  19 2018

"Exoplanets, UAS, CubeSats and Augmented Reality: Student Research

Celebrated at Discovery Day"



  • NEW ATLASDecember 23 2017

"Blue Origin reveals first commercial payloads"

  • BLUE ORIGINDecember 21 2017

"First Commercial Payload Onboard New Shepard"

  • PARABOLIC ARCDecember 14 2017

"Embry-Riddle Research Payloads Flew Aboard New Shepard"

  •, December 12 2017

"Watch Blue Origin's New Shepard 2.0 Spacecraft Soar in 1st Test Flight"

  • The Embry-Riddle Newsroom, December 13 2017

"Two Embry-Riddle Research Payloads Traveled to Suborbital Space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard Rocket"

  • SPACENEWS, December 9 2017

"Blue Origin preparing to resume test flights from West Texas"

  • NASA's JSC Press Release, December 5 2017

"Student Experiments SOAR on NASA’s WB-57 High-Altitude Aircraft​" 

  • The Daytona Beach NEWS-JOURNAL, October 7 2015

"Scientists get taste for space flight at Embry-Riddle​"

  • The Embry-Riddle Newsroom, September 21 2017

"Embry-Riddle Payload to Assess Microgravity Impacts on the Immune System"

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University RESEARCHER, Fall 2017

"Sending T-Cells into Space​"

  • Dark Matter Space, November 22 2014

'Virgin Galactic"

  • China Topix, November 1 2014

"Two Space Accidents in a Week Raises Big Question about Space Flight Safety"

  • Space USAToday, October 31 2014

"Tragedy won't crush space tourism, supporters say"

Blue Origin's New Shepard Crew Capsule landing on December 12 2017 with Blue Origin team and Jeff Bezos at the West Texas Launch Site (M7 mission).

Photo by Blue Origin

Preparing and Testing Suborbital Payload

Credit: ERAU

Blue Origin M11.jpg

Blue Origin's New Shepard Crew Capsule retrieved May 2, 2019 (M11 mission)

Photo by Blue Origin

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